Iskandar Property


Iskandar Special Economic Zone is established by the Malaysian Government to transform South Johor into a Regional Economic Destination. It has been designated to be a prime hub for the 9 economic clusters which will be given special focus and offer excellent investment opportunities. These include:


✪ Creative
✪ Education
✪ Financial Advisory and Consulting
✪ Healthcare
✪ Logistics
✪ Tourism
✪ Electrical and Electronics
✪ Petrochemical and Oleo chemical
✪ Food and Agro processing


Iskandar Malaysia is set to become Southern Peninsular Malaysia’s most developed region, where living, entertainment, environment and business seamlessly converge to create a world-class metropolis.


Located at the southernmost tip of Peninsular Malaysia, Iskandar Malaysia (within the state of Johor) is strategically positioned on the world’s busiest shipping routes, and its rich endowment of natural and human resources has both underpinned Johor’s past successes and underscores Johor’s future potential


Covering an area of 2,217 square kilometres, approximately three times the size of Singapore, Iskandar Malaysia offers significant supply of land of which the property values are priced competitively. The region has ready infrastructure such as power utilities, transportation networks and services, and broad based telecommunications.
Iskandar Malaysia is divided into five economic flagship zones:-


  • Zone A – Johor Bahru City Centre, comprising of the New Financial District and an upgraded Central Business district, as well as the Danga Bay waterfront city.
  • Zone B – Nusajaya
  • Zone C – the Western Gate development containing Port Tanjung Pelepas and the Pelepas Free Trade Zone
  • Zone D – the Eastern Gate development of Port Pasir Gudang and Tanjung Langsat Port
  • Zone E – Senai-Skudai, where the Sultan Ismail International Airport is located, offering easy access to the region

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Nusajaya, under Flagship Zone B, is a 23,875-acre regional city located in the centre of Iskander Malaysia. It is a key driver of the Iskandar Region with high concentration of catalysts projects. Nusajaya is slated to be a world-class city that embodies a diversity of seven signature developments:-

✪Kota Iskandar – Johor State New Administrative Center,
✪SiLC – Southern Industrial and Logistics Clusters,
✪Medical Park,
✪Puteri Harbour Waterfront Development,
✪International Destination Resort ,
✪Nusajaya Residences.


Nusajaya,with its strategic location within the resource-rich state of Johor, Malaysia and close proximity to Singapore, is perfect as a new economic growth centre. It has direct access to ready infrastructure and is linked by a comprehensive network of main roads and highways to major international airports and seaports. An exclusive Township of residential, educity, medical, entertainment, recreational, commercial & industrial hubs, Nusajaya is poised to be a most desired place to live, work and play!
NUSAJAYA-Signature Developments & Catalytic Projects




Within Iskandar Malaysia lies a burgeoning metropolis that will further spur economic activities in Malaysia. Medini Iskandar, one of the Signature Developments in Nusajaya, lies at the southern tip of Malaysia. Medini is the flagship development of Iskandar and the focus for the region’s new economic growth. Occupying 2,230 acres of prime land, the multi-billion dollar Medini Iskandar is set to be the pulse of Iskandar Malaysia and to become the new urban township of Iskandar Malaysia. It is positioned as a destination city of global significance.

Medini Iskandar, a master planned community, is categorized into 4 development clusters:
  • Medini North : Zone A
  • Medini Business : Zone B
  • Medini Central : Zones C, D and E
  • Medini South : Zone F

Medini Iskandar will be further sub-divided into three district concepts:-


There are two zones within this cluster, which are Medini North and Medini South.


Medini North, located at the northern tip of Medini Iskandar Malaysia, covers an area of 570 acres and strives to redefine quality living. Infrastructures planned for this cluster include retail promenade, hotels, residential townships, theme park, multimodal stations, a tertiary hospital and international schools. The cluster is also the home to the newly opened Legoland Malaysia theme park, the first Legoland in Asia.


Spread over 704 acres of prime Medini land, Medini South, overlooking the Straits of Johor and Singapore will feature a low density developments such as a golf course, wellness centres, amusement and recreational parks, boutique hotels, high-end residential properties, boutique retail centres and schools.




Iskandar Financial District is located at the heart of Medini, a strategic position that connects Medini to the rapidly growing economies of the Asia Pacific. Occupying 355 acres of Medini Iskandar, this financial district will comprise corporate office towers, business, incubators, a convention centre, premium retail complexes, premium hotels, high-end residential properties and luxury serviced apartments. It is poised to become the leading business environment in South East Asia.



Medini Business, a prime location for business opportunities, is designed to tap into Malaysia’s potential for growth and the recent initiatives under the country’s Economic Transformation Programme. Key developments include a Media Village cluster that will complement the upcoming Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios.


Medini Business’ close proximity to Singapore, makes it a compelling option for international companies looking to expand. With the development of an SME Business Park – SME’s can now expand from Singapore, a mere 45 minute drive, to an efficient and affordable business location. Medini Business provides a demand-driven solution to the space needs of SME’s in the region.




The cluster, spanning approximately 623 acres from the East to the West of Medini, is intended to lift the quality of life in Medini. It is divided into three main parcels –Trade and Logistics Zone, Creative Zone and Heritage Zone.


Trade And Logistics


The Zone covers a landmass of approximately 125 acres, and houses the operational aspect of Medini Central. It provides world class integrated services such as warehousing, distribution (transport and freight services), packaging and business process outsourcing.


Creative Zone


The Creative Zone, the gateway and window to ‘Where Future Begins’, spreads over an area of approximately 288 acres. It will boast a high end infrastructure to support the transformation of Medini Central into the new age of high-tech; catering for international companies involved in creative research and development, animation, broadcasting, movies, digital content and application sectors.


Heritage Zone


The Heritage Zone, the pride of Medini, covers an area of approximately 210 acres. The zone features development of exclusive high end landed properties, condominiums which will be encircled by an exclusive clubhouse and a resort hotel, a private school and a suburban commercial centre to cater to all of one’s needs